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Healthy eating with braces

Contrary to popular belief, braces really won't interfere with your lifestyle. You can still play sport, musical instruments and eat pretty much the same kind of food as you usually do. However, there are just a few things it's best to avoid. 

What not to eat when wearing braces

If you are wearing braces or aligners, do not eat hard, sticky or chewy foods. Avoid biting into apples or crunching on carrots. Instead, cut them up into smaller slices or grate them as this reduces the risk of them damaging your braces. 

Limit your intake of sugary drinks (ideally none) as these can cause plaque to build up on your teeth. While smoothies are a healthy alternative, avoid ones with berries in as the seeds can get stuck in your teeth and braces. 

What to eat with braces

To help make eating with braces easy, we've compiled some yummy recipes for you to enjoy.

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