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Why choose us?

Why choose us?

10 great reasons to have
treatment with us

Lane Cove Orthodontics is based in Lane Cove, north of the Sydney CBD. Our team of orthodontic professionals take pride in their work and enjoy getting results for each and every one of our patients. We hope that's reason enough to start your orthodontic treatment journey with us, but if you need a few more reasons here they are: 

  1. We are recognised as Red Diamond providers of the incredibly discreet invisible braces method, Invisalign.
  2. We are a family friendly practice and treat patients of all ages.
  3. Our team of orthodontic professionals and support staff are all highly qualified and experienced, and embark on ongoing training to ensure they stay up to date with the latest orthodontic techniques.
  4. We use the latest orthodontic technology, such as Suresmile, to get the best results for our patients.
  5. Our fees are competitive and we offer payment plans and finance options to help make the cost of treatment more affordable.
  6. Our practice is conveniently located in Lane Cove, north of the Sydney CBD.
  7. We offer free Wifi and refreshments while you wait.
  8. We put our patients first. Everything we do is for the benefit of our patients.
  9. We are experienced in offering a wide range of treatment options, including invisible braces, hidden braces and clear braces.
  10. We offer an enticing rewards programme to encourage you to look after your teeth as well as possible.
  11. Dr. Rex has already treated over 4000 patients.

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